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Lauren Hart Melbourne VIC

 0449 014 195
 0449 014 195
 0449 014 195

Your dreamy, part-time girlfriend


About me

“The morning light trickles in with your memories of the night before, still fresh in the layers of your mind. As I allure you into waking to the morning completely, your heart beats a little faster, your blood pulsates a little stronger. You notice my arousal in the way that I kiss and in the movement of my hips. I take your hand and move it down my body. You can feel in your touch that that I am right here in the moment with you.”

The human body is beautiful and it should be admired through the erotic sensors within us all. I love to make a man erect and a woman drip with joy. Upon the tasks of the day-to-day, there is a relief in getting lost to someone. Two naked bodies bare to one another and ready for surrender. We were designed to feel and deliver orgasms that should make you curl you toes. 

I thrive in allowing my company to tingle with that feeling we all need to survive in our busy lives. Let me show you what I can do for you and that it is alright to feel this. I enjoy the exploration of someone who will open themselves to me. Someone whom will trust me with all that they need. A lady can still be a lady, but behind closed doors she can be unwritten - and really that is no one’s business but our own.

Shall we go a little deeper? Website link down below. 


Ethnicity: Eurasian

Looks: Mostly European but with exotic features. Large almond shaped eyes and a big wide smile. Plenty has been mentioned about my looks on online forums – google “Lauren Hart escort”.

Body: All-natural, smooth skin, generous behind and womanly curves.

Landscaping: Bare

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Lifestyle habits: Non-smoker, occasional drinker.

Demeanour: Down-to-earth, warm, open-minded and sensual.


1 hour$650
1.5 hours$950
2 hours$1200
3 hours$1600
4 hours$2000
4 hours dinner date$1800

$3000 (12 hrs)

$4000 (16 hrs)

I am happy to see couples or be booked with other escorts (rates are unchanged).

For more rate options please contact me or see my website http://lauren-hart.com


 0449 014 195

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