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Allie Perth WA

 0451 737 079
 0451 737 079
 0451 737 079

Sensory Sensation


About me

Hello ladies and gents, my name is Allie and I am at your service. 

Ever tried Sensory Play?

It happens to be my specialty...come and indulge yourself in an erotic and hypnotic experience-a feast for the senses!  Let me guide you through the delights you will experience as my hands, lips, tongue and breath play  your body like a fine instrument, making your every nerve sing in ecstasy as I play  your body to the push and pull of deep, intense, primal, tantric rythums. Your body literally reaching out for me  as we build to a crescendo. The feelings of ecstasy almost unbearable in their intensity before I envelop you with my warmth.  Treat yourself to an experience worth 

I am a classically beautiful, talented and skilled playmate in the bedroon and beyond. I am a curvy size 12-14, true hourglass figure with natural perky D-cup breasts. I am five foot four with full pouty lips and seductive bedroom eyes. 

My specialty...Sensory Play

If I had my way you would book me for 2-3 hours so that I would have ample time to work my magic and have every nerve in your body singing, every part of your body screaming out for me to straddle you and finally envelop you with my warmth. To do this I would firstly undress and wash you. Secondly I would put ear plugs in your ears and a blind fold over your eyes. Thirdly I would lay you down and restrain you before I began to tantalise and tease you with my fingers, tongue, lips and breath. I hope you will give me the opportunity to show you the end of my little story in person.

Sensory deprivation or Sensory Play as it is called in the bedroom is the masking of selected senses to heighten the stimuli received by our other senses. By that I mean that the wearing of a blindfold and handcuffs (preferably ear plugs too ;)) leaving the feeling of my fingers and mouth on your skin incredibly intense. Words can’t do the hypnotic state of bliss you will find yourself in justice I assure you!

My prices start from:

$150 for a short time

$200 for half an hour

$300 for an hour

I am a natural lover and a very sexy and sensual woman. I would love to be the one to bring you to your orgasmic overload. I love sex and love to tease and please! So give me a call-0451 737 079.


$300 for half an hour

$450 for an hour


$400 for half an hour

$550 for an hour

I am fun, friendly and down to earth. I am discreet and non-judgemental. If you are seeking something different or more specific i am happy to tailor our time together to meet your needs. Please msg me with as much detail as possible including for when and for how long and I will reply asap with a quote-0451 737 079.


Tonight until late.

Friday night 8pm until 5am

Saturday night 8pm until 5am

I do not do any unprotected acts, swaps/trades so please don't ask. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon, Allie x

 0451 737 079

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