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Perth Escorts Madame Rox Burswood WA

 0402 949 220
 0402 949 220
 0402 949 220

Find Freedom in Bondage


About me

Wouldn't it be easy to tell you I'm here to tease and torment and tempt you, to evoke imagery of leather and taut rope, paddles and the flick of floggers? No, I am not here for 'easy', and neither are you. Whilst I certainly employ those tools, my domination runs far deeper than pretty props and slick lingerie.

I am here to teach you about yourself. I am here to get under your skin; to be the reason you start daydreaming at work after our first session, or find yourself pondering something I've said in lieu of sleeping. I am greedy -- not only do I want your body, I also want your mind.

I stand at 176cm without heels, and cut a lush curvy figure with a generous 16G bust, a cola-bottle waist, and an ample backside. I am fond of black strappy lingerie, tall shoes, and my most valuable asset; my sharpened tongue, tempered by wit. I favour a gothic aesthetic and prefer to be addressed as Madame Rox by subordinates.

I believe in femdom with empathy and an eccentric twist; whilst you will find me a harsh mistress when necessary, you will also find me intelligent, humourous and surprising. I aim to keep you guessing. I aim to keep you dreaming.

I see new subordinates and subordinates who are seasoned, and I cater to a variety of kinks. My sessions range from a gentle introduction to the world of BDSM and kink, to more intense playtime. I see both male and female subordinates.

My session times always allow for safety talks, and for a period of aftercare. I prioritise discretion, care, and a genuine connection. Once collared by me, you will be freed from yourself, from the dull buzz of everyday life; you will need only me and my direction.

1 Hour Beginner$400Introduction to BDSM/Kink for those new to service
2 Hours Beginner$750Introduction to BDSM/Kink for those new to service
Additional beginner hours $300Additional beginner hours
1 Hour Experienced$500A more intense session for those familiar with service
2 Hours Experienced$950A more intense session for those familiar with service
Additional experienced hours$400Additional experienced hours
Social Outing$2001 Hour public social time with me (no kink involved)

Please note that it is at my discretion as to whether your desired experience falls under beginner or advanced; I will know by your request, and I believe you know, too.

You will find many of my specialties listed on my website. If you are unsure as to whether or not I cater to your fetish, please enquire respectfully.

 0402 949 220

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