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Realbabes VIP Escort
Tammith Mahogany

VIP Realbabes is a Q & A with one of our fantastic Realbabes. A chance for you to get to know them a little better. Find out what makes them tick and what makes them toc, what turns them off & and what turns them on.

Tammith Mahogany is our latest VIP Babe, she is funny, gregarious, with a zest for life, love and punishment. Tammith has provided us with a snapshot into her life as an Escort and it reiterates the fact that sex work is a job performed by professional people who are mothers, fathers, friends, neighbours and deserve to be treated no differently than the rest of society. That said, please enjoy Tammith's VIP Babe Interview, it makes for a great read and epitomises why we started Realbabes (what you see and read in the profile is what you get on arrival). The next time you feel the need for some naughty fun I suggest you deliver yourself into the caring hands of Tammith Mahogany ... You won't be sorry.

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Our questions for Tammith

Give us a little introduction about yourself

After years in corporate health, advertising and retail management, I decided a change was in order for me. I've always been interested in a more alternative lifestyle, attending kink and swingers events, so I decided to give escorting a go... I was so surprised with how much I enjoyed it! Before SW (sex work), I had raised a family and worked in lots of management roles, so now was time for me! Who is 'me'? I'm Tammith Mahogany, a 39 year old, Brisbane based BBW escort, who also provides BDSM/FemDom/fetish and manscaping services. I live in an incredible apartment in the gorgeous, leafy Brisbane suburb of New Farm and have been here for nearly 10 years, and in Brisbane my whole life. The love of my life is a two year old parrot, named Charlie Byrd, after the American jazz musician... Although my Charlie is definitely louder! I also have grown children and, with them, a loving, close family that are all supportive of each other. I am extremely lucky to find myself with such an amazing, albeit funny, dark and weird, bunch.

What interesting hobbies or activities do you do?

A few of the things I love to do, outside of my work, are naughty cross stitch, going to the theatre and concerts/gigs (anything from stage musicals, opera, symphony orchestra to dramatic plays, to dive bars to hear an unknown band or musician play), binge watching crime and murder shows, photography (film and digital), going to a late lunch on a Saturday afternoon, on the deck at the Tweed Regional Gallery, in Murwillumbah, reading and attending an erotic fiction book club once a month, when I can get there!

I also have a beautiful cruising type bicycle, named Betsy, that I ride along the river to go to events or to explore the inner city suburbs, on.

Secret talent or something that makes you special in the bedroom.

The thing that makes me special in the bedroom is my genuine desire to give pleasure to people. Our world is a gorgeous place for most people but there is a side for a lot of people that has pain, stress, anguish and sadness. I love to give my clients time away from that.

What's the weirdest question a client has asked?

Being a fetish provider, as well as an escort, I don't find any request weird... I've got a deep empathy for an individual's needs and desires. The most unusual thing I've been asked is "Can you bite really hard down on my cock?" and he meant REALLY hard... And I always aim to please!

Who do you follow on Twitter?

I follow loads of people on Twitter... Hop on over there to check them all out!

Do you think Escorting is becoming more socially accepted?

Escorting has definitely become more socially accepted, in my opinion. My thoughts on this arrive from the inclusion I feel with family and friends that don't treat me any different now, compared to before I started escorting. I still think it has a ways to go, as some people don't know how to talk to you once they know you're an escort (I am open to everyone I meet, if they ask me, but I feel that's up to me to use through their hang ups and show them how much of a normal, sweet and lovely person I am.

What do you wish clients would stop asking you?

When in session they ask "What do you like to do?" Oh man! Truthfully, I like EVERYTHING!

Do you have a subject you could talk all day about?

I sure do! Photography and cameras! I shoot both film (medium format and 35mm) and digital, and I develop and print my own images and know quite a lot about old cameras.

Any tips for punters or anything else you like to share with us?

First impressions count!

An email or text with "Hey" or "U available" is just poor manners and if you really want a great time; start with an introduction of your first name, where you saw our advertisement and what you'd like to book for and how long, all in one message or email. Most escorts get lots of contact every day and back and forth messages, and trying to extract what you'd like out of you, can some days be soul destroying.

Oh and read our ads and websites thoroughly! We spend a lot of unpaid time writing, editing and re-editing them... At least have a good read!

Thanks Tammith for being a VIP Realbabe and giving everyone an insight to what makes you tick. Tammith is truly what Realbabes is all about, 100% real & ready to play.


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