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Canberra VIP Escort
Rain Morgan

Meet our VIP escort Rain Morgan from Canberra. This is your chance to get to know Rain Morgan a little better. Sit down relax and take your time to read the musings of VIP Real Babe Rain Morgan.

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Our questions for Rain Morgan

Give us a little introduction about yourself

I'm a Melbourne native transplanted to Canberra currently. I have been in the industry for four years and offer a special blend of sensual GFE and massage, sensual Domme and Pro Sub kink and in Melbourne pre Covid also guided clients into the world of swinging.

What are you guilty pleasures?

Op Shopping, trying new restaurants, buying new pretty lingerie, Netflix binges.

We read on your profile that you are a naughty girl and highly kinky, can you tell us more about this.

I certainly am! I love to create sensual and debauched experiences for clients. Whether that's in a Domme session where I am dominating them with pegging and impact play or where I am their submissive and at their mercy. I'm quite open minded and adaptable to the fantasies of a client, as long as it is safe and consensual.

Secret talent or something that makes you special in the bedroom.

I have excellent oral skills. :-) I am also great at building intimacy and making people feel comfortable and relaxed. The rest shall be experienced in person!

We did hear that you are obsessed with unicorns, is this true?

Indeed, its defintely a guilty pleasure. Anything unicorn covered is a favourite of mine! Unicorns are also what they call the third person in a threesome, so it has double meaning!

We read on Twitter that you are a total foodie! What kind of dishes do you like and which places do you like to be taken to by your clients?

Yes! I love trying new dishes. Anything Japanese, Korean or Italian (European in general), is a fave! I'm a big steak and cheese fan. I don't have a favourite place in Canberra but anywhere clients are big fans of is good for me, I like exploring someone else's favourite place!

Do you offer digital services?

Yes I do indeed! I offer weekly, daily, 30 minute and hourly sexting packages which can be intimate or kinky, phone sex packages, dick pic ratings, editing your Tinder profile, special (clothed) photos and watch Netflix virtually with me' packages! Something for everyone, more info is on my website!

What turns you really on?

Sensual touches, breath play, impact play, providing oral to someone, and beards and tattoos!

Tell us more about the Swingers Party package that you offer.

This is a package I can only offer in cities where parties exist, like Sydney and Melbourne. Sadly not currently in Canberra!

I created this package as I love the swinging scene and was seeing men too nervous to attend parties on their own and unsure of the etiquette, when going to a party with me I smooth over all of that and provided a guided experience into the scene. I take clients to couples only parties and open to all genders play parties. Each provides a different experience. At the party I play with the clients, introduce them to others to see if they may play with them, and build from the fantasy the client has said they want to experience! Its always very fun and no night is the same each time.

What do you have to say to other SW's who don't have a profile on Realbabes yet?

They should join! An excellent website with great customer service.

Any tips for clients or anything else you like to share with us?

The best way to approach a sex worker is to be polite, respectful and go with the flow! I work with you to build the experience you want. Check out my website and twitter for more info on me. Thanks for reading!

Thanks Rain Morgan for being a Realbabes Canberra VIP escort and giving everyone an insight into your world.

And now you all have read her Q & A, it's time to get Rain's contact details on her profile....


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