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Brisbane VIP Escort
Gina Cherie

Meet our VIP escort Gina Cherie from Brisbane. This is your chance to get to know Gina Cherie a little better. Sit down relax and take your time to read the musings of VIP Real Babe Gina Cherie.

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Our questions for Gina Cherie

Give us a little introduction about yourself

Hi I'm Gina Cherie Aussie porn babe, ex peepshow hoe, A-grade massage girl and girlfriend for hire. I'm a nature loving bush babe, endless Summer chaser, sneaker freak and equal parts good girl to bad bitch!

What are you guilty pleasures?

I have a few guilty pleasures I have heaps of fluro and glittery stripper heels, I'm a lover of lingerie I have some brand label stuff but they're the same sets every girl wears in their ad's so I shop online to find unique stuff. Tattoos and being tattooed, sneakers particularly Nike air max 90's and adidas Neos. Exotic tea I'm always drinking good tea. I wear mens fragrance and love researching new scents that suit my taste to add to my collection. Exotic holidays are something I try to indulge in as often as possible too.

We read on your profile you worked and travelled in some seriously cool parts of the world, tell us a bit more about your adventures.

The first peep I worked in was the De Ja vue in Seattle across from the pike place market. My favourite recent trip was Sri Lanka, where the jungle meets the beach, I lived in a tree house for a week.

Your best adventure ever?

My coolest adventure in the US was going to porn star karaoke at Sardos in the Valley in LA, Ron Jeremy gave me a hug and I met Ron Royster a dear friend and then director for Hustler, I ended up staying at his farm house in nth Carolina. He got me on the payroll as his assistant on 2 porn shoots in Prague which was Fucking crazy cool and bank rolled by Larry Flynt. We went out on location, saw the sites, befriended members of a punk band and saw some awesome clips made while we assembled IKEA furniture to the best of our ability.

Mild or Wild?

Mild to wild whatever suits your taste. Sometimes it's nice to initially start mild and see if we vibe to go absolutely wild but I'm born for porn and always ready to play if that's the mood you're in to play.

Secret talent or something that makes you very special?

I'm an amazing cook but I don't get time to do much of that. I'm really good at deepthroating dick but I also give an amazing massage! My secret talent is... come find out!!

What song best describes you in bed?

Missy Elliott Get Ur Freak On

Tell us more about your online videos.

I've shot a lot of beautiful artistic solos for ifeelmyself.com, beautiful agony and ishotmyself.com over the years, boy/girl for Aussie ass and Aussie pov. For onlyfans.com/cherie_gina I shoot cool clips of outdoor hookups, girl/girl, solos, toy play, high quality pic sets and sexy selfies.

Do you have a favourite location for shooting a video?

Outdoors Is good natural lighting looks best and it doesn't cost a thing. I love beach shoots in Summer. Nth nsw is my fav part of the coast

With who would you like to make a video and why?

Lacey Diamond is on my list she's a really nice girl, Monte Luxe she's a sexual goddess, Big Vin love his raw gritty vibe.

What you have to say to other SW's who don't have a profile on Realbabes yet?

I get a lot of enquiry through realbabes.com.au and I like the boost isn't a paid thing but instead reflects the effort put into your ad.

Any tips for clients or anything else you like to share with us?

Any gentlemen on the fence about visiting me know although I'm a wild, colourful babe, I'm a generous girl who is educated, travelled and bomb at setting aside the nervous jitters of first time meets, my skin is silky, my sas is real and I love meeting new people and hearing snippets of their life and adventures. I dare you to take the plunge, come hang out.

Thanks Gina Cherie for being a Realbabes Brisbane VIP escort and giving everyone an insight into your world.

And now you all have read her Q & A, it's time to get Gina's contact details on her profile....


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