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Sydney VIP Escort
Charlotte X

Meet our VIP escort Charlotte X from Sydney. This is your chance to get to know Charlotte X a little better. Sit down relax and take your time to read the musings of VIP Real Babe Charlotte X.

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Our questions for Charlotte X

Give us a little introduction about yourself

I am fun sassy flirtatious and naughty, A total Vixen a medium in between submissive and dominant, I specialise in Femdom role play also I offer GFE and PSE services for those that like it a little bit more intimate and fun (I thoroughly enjoy a good pounding) I'm educated in the arts I have a Bachelor of Arts & Science in 2 fields Performing arts and Ancient History and have a love for food, fashion, culture, travel and art.

What are you guilty pleasures?

The 3 D's.....Dicks, Diamonds & Dollars.

What do you love about yourself?

I am compassionate where it counts so I love that I was raised to show love to those who truly crave it and need it...

How many pairs of high heels & boots do you own ? And do you have a photo for us of the pair you love the most.

Too many to count, I don't have a most loved pair..... it all depends on my mood of the day really one day I might like to wear studded red bottoms if I'm going for an edgy look or a nice pair of Jimmy Choo sandals if I want to be more elegant.

Secret talent or something that makes you special in the bedroom.

Tongue tornado book me to find out hahaha....

How can you guide people who are new to BDSM?

Best dive into the deep end first so you know your limitations so you know what works for you!

Your ultimate / favourite BDSM scenario?

I like a submissive to challenge me and be disobedient it not only makes it fun for me it also helps us both (sub and Domme) build some type of bond and I feel like that for me it works best.

Which are your favourite sex toys or attributes in your mistress toolkit?

My whips they are beautiful and they make me happy.

We read on your profile you offer a pegging service. What can you tell to clients who never experienced this but are curious / keen to try?

First and foremost an enema is required I can not stress this enough hahaha be CLEAN, relaxed and ready.

When clients want to experience a real BDSM dungeon, can you organise this ?

This can be organised within 2-3 days notice as my local dungeon gets quite busy

Any tips for clients or anything else you like to share with us?

Be nice and considerate of your Mistresses, Masters and Escorts time and rates we aren't here for charity we are here to make money honey...

Thanks Charlotte X for being a Realbabes Sydney VIP escort and giving everyone an insight into your world.

And now you all have read her Q & A, it's time to get Charlotte's contact details on her profile....


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