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Brisbane VIP Escort
Bianca Blunt

Meet our VIP escort Bianca Blunt from Brisbane. This is your chance to get to know Bianca Blunt a little better. Sit down relax and take your time to read the musings of VIP Real Babe Bianca Blunt.

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Our questions for Bianca Blunt

Give us a little introduction about yourself

New Zealander born brunette, moved to the tropical state of Queensland back in 2013, I've been in the industry on and off since 2015. I enjoy every moment of it! My Mum supports my career choice! I'm based in Milton in Sunny Brisbane! I'm not your average girl book smart & street smart but wholesome and curvy xx

What are you guilty pleasures?

My guilty pleasures include; Honey Birdette Lingerie, shaggy rugs, shoes (I cannot walk in) falling down the YouTube rabbit hole!

What is your sexiest item in your wardrobe?

Sexiest item in my wardrobe..... ha! Where do I even begin to narrow it down! I own soooo many pieces of honey Birdette lingerie it's too hard to decide!

What turns you really on?

What turns me on.. gosh where do I start! a cheeky comment, some banter! A gorgeous smile, being told "I'm a good girl" , a man in a suit! There's so many things that just make me get all hot snd bothered!

Secret talent or something that makes you special in the bedroom?

A secret talent? Makes me one of a kind in the bedroom? Hmmmm... I'm human? ... I'm Just me! I don't put on an act or try be someone I am not. I'm real!

Is hitting climax from Greek a secret talent?

Can you make fantasies a reality for you clients?

Fantasies into a reality? I'll give it a god damn go. Or introduce me and guide me on how you desire this fantasies. I'm open mind and very patient, I love discovering and pleasing

What do you love about yourself?

I love my ability to adapt to most situations, that I enjoy meeting new people. The way I can just be a clown, drop a few jokes or puns to break the ice and calm nerves.

I love how I'm comfortable in my skin, I may be still body conscious but I'll be naked with confidence for you x

Good girl or bad girl?

Im a mix in between!

Are you on Twitter and / or Instagram?

Yes!!! Twitter - @beedotcomyo

Instagram hate me my new one is BeeXquisitex

Anything else you like to share with us?

My favourite quote, that's help positively effect my life & is tattooed on my hand for a reminder!

"This too shall pass"

Thanks Bianca Blunt for being a Realbabes Brisbane VIP escort and giving everyone an insight into your world.

And now you all have read her Q & A, it's time to get Bianca's contact details on her profile....


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