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Your Sensual Tantalising Tantric Masseuse

 0422 541 795
I accept SMS messages
 0422 541 795
I accept SMS messages only
 0422 541 795
I accept SMS messages only

Your Sensual Tantalising Tantric Masseuse


Personal message

Last updated: Thu 10 August

Thurs 10th August - I am offering late night bookings until 12pm if you would like to book in with me :) 

If you would like to book in with me, please contact me via text- and sadie will reply to your booking requests for me. Please note that my availability is limited and that i dont offer fs

About me

Oh well hey there handsome x

I'm Tamara . Thanks for coming to check out my profile. Let me share with you a little bit about myself...

Originally from NZ, I'm a Maori/Kiwi girl living in Melbourne with my 15 year old Jack Russell dog, Nu.

A lover of connection, people and sensual touch, tantra has given me the opportunity to combine my love for all of those things into one divine and nurturing little package.

Since discovering and practicing Tantra daily, I have changed in profound ways. I have learned things about myself and have grown in ways I never thought possible.

Tantra has taught me to really value myself. It has taught me to really value others. It has taught me to naturally seek the divine in others which has enabled me to be more compassionate, loving, kind and open.

It has also allowed me to be more patient, to be more caring, to be more nurturing, to be more loving and to be more aware...aware of myself and aware of others.

I speak openly and honestly when I say I absolutely LOVE what I do and the benefits of these practices. Tantra has become a way of being. An awareness of life, of beauty, of divinity and of love.

It is something I am extremely passionate about and something I absolutely LOVE sharing with others so that they may have the chance to learn from it like I have!

I offer my own personalised and unique approach on Tantra and sensual healing, combining the two to create my own signature body-to-body session (B2B) sensual tantric massage sessions. Sessions that are deeply nourishing and divinely healing. My mission is to help reconnect yourself with your true essence. To bring sacredness back into sexuality, embracing and honouring all aspects of self, with reverence, deep honour and unconditional love.

I am certified in energy healing for massage therapy, tantric meditation techniques and guided meditation and I have extensive experience in Lomilomi massage, sensual massage and neo-tantra . I am an intuitive healer with the sensitive skills needed to help create a sacred space for me to work my magic with you in our sessions together.

I absolutely love connecting with women, just as much as I do connecting with men. Everyone is welcome. Regardless of age, weight, sex, ethnicities or any other personal beliefs

..................MY TANTRIC OFFERINGS..................

Tantric delights for the mind, body and soul...



Tantric Bodywork - Tamara's most recommended and popular- Tamara offers her own unique take on the teams Tantric b2b sessions. Very intimate, Tamara's one on one b2b sessions are more than the typical session. More intimacy than average session, more connected than your average session and more intense than the normal. 

​$380 for 60mins
 $430 for 75mins
 $480 for 90mins
 $760 for 120mins

Teaching touch with Tamara - A more mutual touch option. This is similar to the standard tantric bodywork session, however this session is split into 2 halves. One half of the session is done as you in the "receiver" of touch (as per usual) and the other half of the session, you will switch roles and you will be the "giver" of touch. During this time as the giver of touch Tamara will teach and guide you with a hands on approach (literally) on how to respectfully touch a woman pleasurably.

​$480 for 60mins
 $530 for 75mins
 $580 for 90mins
 $840 for 120mins

Tantric Bodywork + Oral Fixation - A signature session created just by her for a few, regular and extremely hygienic clients. The "Oral Fixation" is a deep exploration and unique massage, aimed at awakening and exciting your bodily sensations. A unique massage, predominantly using her mouth and tongue, Tamara will tantalize and awaken your senses in one the most sensual and intimate ways your body has ever experienced. In this session, numerous parts of your *non intimate areas* will be explored during the massage using oral techniques. It is a very intimate process to allow another person to explore your body with such intimate oral techniques, therefor it is performed in a delicate and very sensitive way. 

Please note: that due to the intimate nature of this particular massage, showering thoroughly at Tamaras unit before your booking commences is required and not negotiable. Tamara reserves the right to decline this massage request without reason, to anyone.

Please do not request this if you have any rashes, open sores or infections on your body anywhere. 

​$480 for 60mins
 $530 for 75mins
 $580 for 90mins
 $840 for 120mins

Tantric bodywork +Sacred Spot (Prostate Massage) - Combine Tamaras tantric bodywork signature session and explore the sensitivity of your Rosebud (outer anal area). A highly arousing and powerful session - for men

​$430 for 60mins
 $480 for 75mins
 $530 for 90mins
 $810 for 120mins

Japanese Nuru - A slippery all-natural seaweed gel generously applied with the pleasure of the Body2Body experience. Sensual and highly tactile.

​$430 for 60mins
 $480 for 75mins
 $530 for 90mins
 $810 for 120mins

Yoni Honouring - Yoni massage points are explored while honouring the Yoni with sacred reverence and ritual.

$300 for 60mins
 $350 for 75mins
 $400 for 90mins
 $600 for 120mins 

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and, loosely translated, means "sacred space." Tantric philosophy approaches the vagina from a place of love and respect and yoni massage as a means of honouring women. While yoni massage is both sensual and pleasurable, the intent is not to bring the woman to orgasm but to awaken her awareness of her own sexuality and generate a bond of trust and intimacy.

Tie and Tease - Pain and Lust/Light BDSM. 

​$430 for 60mins
 $480 for 75mins
 $530 for 90mins
 $810 for 120mins

Four Hands double - The Tantric bodywork signature session with two experienced therapists

Feeling the touch of four sensuous hands massaging your body from head to toe is a complete tantalising experience

$680 for 60mins
 $780 for 75mins
 $880 for 90mins
 $1000 for 120mins

GF massage experience- The ultimate packages. This package  includes a beautiful body to body sensual tantric massage, with mutual touch, intimate kissing and ... a whole lot of respectful, connected and safe fs intimacy than the usual massage session. This session is about opening yourself to give and recieve with complete presence. It is about sharing a genuine and intense energetic connection. Because connection is needed, a minimum of 90minutes is required to book.

$1600 for 90mins
 $2000 for 2 hours

Outcall visits
 Outcall visits are available to hotels and serviced apartments for an additional fee

*Intimate areas are defined as:

Anus and Lingam for men, &

Anus and Yoni for women.

All other areas would be defined as "non intimate" I also offer personalised sessions for those who ask who have more specific massage requests. Please enquire with your requests if you would like to learn more.

Tamara xx


My Stats

Age group:30 - 34
Hair color:Dark
Hair length:Long
Body type:Athletic
Bust size:Busty
Length:Tall (177cm - 184cm)
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My rates

60min Tantric bodywork$380.
1hr Tantric bodywork- body to body massage. A sensual and intimate experience for the body and soul.
75min Tantric Bodywork$430.
1hr 15min Tantric bodywork- body to body massage. A sensual and intimate experience for the body and soul.
90min Tantric Bodywork$480.
1hr 30min- body to body massage. A sensual and intimate experience for the body and soul.
120min Tantric Bodywork$760.
120min body to body massage. A sensual and intimate experience for the body and soul.
Prostate massage$50$50
add $50 to price of any standard tantric bodywork massage if prostate is wanted
Add nuru$50$50
Add $50 to price of any standard tantric bodywork massage if you would like nuru to be added
Full Personalised Fantasy$700$800
Starts at $700 for a full personalised fantasy massage experience. Message me for more details
10min Online Play session$50$50
Lets play online together. Payment is $50 for every 10min. Online Strip tease..
10min Phone call GFE sweet or spicy?$50$50
Lets chat together over the phone. Payment is $50 for every 10min and payment is required upfront via paypal or via payid
Snugles and Cuddles$200$300
An hours worth of cuddles. Stroking your skin while our bodies mould into one. lI can be big spoon or small. Chest cuddles, shoulder cuddles- you name it! Both of us are to keep our underwear on... however, I might take my bra off if you arent boob obsessed.
GFE Massage experience$650$750
Getting home from work, and im ready and waiting for you... I take you by the hand and lead you to the bathroom, where i will shower or bath your body... from here ill get your a cold beverage and ask you how your day has been, while sitting in your lap and hanging off your every word. Your body must ache- so Ill lead you into the room where I have the massage table set up next to the bed... I worship your body and nourish it with a beautoful sensual/tantric massage... until eventually, we are in bed together... and well the rest is up to your imagimation... (unless you book me and then nothing will be left to your imagination xx)

My Availability

TODAY Unavailable
TOMORROW 11:00 - 20:00
FRI 08 DEC Unavailable
SAT 09 DEC 12:00 - 08:00
SUN 10 DEC Unavailable
MON 11 DEC Unavailable
TUE 12 DEC 11:00 - 20:00
 0422 541 795

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