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Monica La Bella Melbourne VIC

 0491 147 154
 0491 147 154
 0491 147 154

Have you been to the Land of Smiles? :)


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Last updated: Tue 10 November

Hello lovers! I will have some availabilities in December 2020. Long appointments will be given priority as to limit my exposure to COVID and I will also be tested regularly. I'm currently working full-time but still quite flexible so happy to work in with your schedule with some notice. 

Looking forward to meeting you - Monnie xo

About me

‘Being a companion is my true calling and you will feel it in our very first encounter. I promise to show you the passion you’ve missed and rightfully deserve.’

I’m Monica, one of the most sought after Melbourne companions. I’m in my early 30’s with a Master’s degree and a professional career in a male-dominated industry. As such, I know a thing or two about making men happy, especially the hard-working and the successful ones – like yourself. I do realise that makes me sound like a Femme Fatale, but you won’t be able to tell from my gentle demeanour and youthfully innocent looks. I’ve been told by many that I have a cute exotic face and a very cheeky smile. In public, I dress to very subtly show off my petite yoga-toned figure. I’m usually seen in my classic cocktail dress for an evening out or a pair of jeans and a cute top for casual outings. My looks are always natural with minimal to no makeup, yet I seem to attract the attention of men and women alike.

Let me ask you how long it’s been since you completely let go of the expectations thrust upon you as a man, a father and a husband? I know you love your family to bits but maybe home is too much sometimes. Or perhaps things feel a little bit… dull in your life as if something is missing. Is it the passion, connection, intimacy, or all of the above? You’re a hard-working man who’s doing his best for everyone at once and your happiness should be a priority. Picture yourself in the company of a beautiful woman who puts you first, who is genuine, kind, down-to-earth and a little bit funny too. Imagine being with someone charming, who is truly interested in connecting with you and who loves to be intimate emotionally and physically with you for hours on end. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Imagine the moment our eyes meet, from our first 'hello' to the moment you realise our mutual admiration grows as we discuss topics dear to our hearts and tell each other silly stories. Before long, I am moving closer to you, reaching for your hand as I am impatiently waiting to feel your lips against mine... I'll let you continue with this story, and when you're ready to make it a reality, I trust you know what to do.

With anticipation, I'm waiting for your message and already dreaming of the day we meet - Mon xo


1 Hour800A brief introduction to my world for those who are short on time. Relax & slow down a little with me
2 Hours1500Wind down with me. Let's be in each other's arms for a while and forget everything else.
Dinner Date2000Approximately 4 hours of private & social time. My Most popular date.
Overnight5000Let's drop off to sleep & wake up next to each other for a cheeky breakfast. 14 hours together.
Weekend7000Let's get away to where we would rather be. 48 hours together.
Social date400Let's hang out and chat for hours on end. 400 for 2 hours or 800 for the entire day.
Be my BF300Keep in contact with me. Price includes daily texts and 1 phone call per week.

Please note that the time frames above are given as a guideline. I am not too fussed :) I would love for our time together to flow naturally and prefer not to put a timer on it, so please do not take advantage of this. If we've met and I've gone overtime with you before, please know that it was because I enjoyed our time together, but the extra time should never be expected xx

 0491 147 154

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