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Monica La Bella Melbourne VIC

 0491 147 154
 0491 147 154
 0491 147 154

More than a companion


About me

I’m Monica, a renowned high-class companion based in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m known for my warm, down-to-earth personality and my ability to make anyone in my presence feel at ease. I love to talk and, perhaps even more so, to listen. My inquisitive mind and my love to connect is what defines who I am. If you’re into intellectual conversations, I will provoke your thoughts and challenge you. If you feel like telling me your silly stories, I will also gladly tell you mine. I love to laugh and always look for the opportunity, so please feel free to bring along your best (dad or non-dad) jokes!

Upon meeting me, you’ll find me to be non-judgmental and worldly-wise, cultivated by my Australian post-grad level education, my love of reading and my never-ending enthusiasm for the arts, cultures and cuisines. Underneath my beautifully refined appearance, I’m sensually experienced and I consider myself proficient in the art of intimacy – something I’m very proud of. Allow me to be your escape from the hustle and bustle of real life and I promise to show you the passion that you never knew you had wanted and rightfully deserved.

Get in touch and let’s arrange a rendezvous., I'm only one email away.

With anticipation,

Mon xx

 0491 147 154

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