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Evelyn Hampton Melbourne VIC

 0436 437 354
 0436 437 354
 0436 437 354

Not taking new clients for Dec 2019 [Waiting List for 2020]


About me

Tell me: Why is it, that we get ourselves into troubled situations for that dopamine rush? 

I asked, as we stood over on the edge of a five-story high building in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower on that very windy day. So close to a free fall onto the pavement yet never closer to heaven. Our curious minds lead us to this dangerous side of the world, just as yours have lead you to my page. 

Unconventional, perhaps.

Temping, yes.

But worth the thrill, definitely.

Oddly, you already have it all, so it appears to the world. Your career, your house, your car and even an abundance of female attention, yet you crave more. Something that will entice you and excite you. A memory to be smiled back on, yet kept as a cheeky secret. It is all very enchanting isn’t it?

So who this mysterious date-to-be? 

My name is Evelyn Hampton, but you may call me this Eve. Internationally established, I currently split my time between multiple cities. Catch me while you can or, Fly Me To You.

Although it rings true, that it is what is on the inside that counts, that does not dim the importance of a beautifully presented lady. Physically speaking, I’m often complimented for possessing a runway ready physique that transcribes elegance and sexapeal. Always dressed to impress, I am a passionate follower of high fashion and love aesthetic pleasures. My style holds a classic feminine personality and coded in light pastel colours. You can expect nothing less than what is illustrated.

If it were my images which enticed your attention, you'd be mind-blown upon discovering that I have a mind to match. In the public eye, I hold myself impressively well and allude a presence of overflowing elegance. As a conversationalist, dialogues with me are witty and meaningful. Tertiary educated, well-travelled and multi-lingual, discussions will run seamlessly with null dull moments. You will find I am both mentally stimulating and possess a Risqué sense of humour. Beauty and Brains, indeed.

Youthful, yet wise beyond my years, I am spiritual and a deep thinker by default. When given an opportunity to escape to our private getaway, I relish in the beauty of the male-female connection and the magic that entails. You will notice the genuine spark during our encounter and that I savour each moment in your company. Highly sensual and bursting with enthusiasm, I’ll ensure our time together is a memory you’ll truly cherish. 

On the exterior - well-composed and equipped with upmost social etiquette. Whereas in private, quite the opposite... I present a dynamic demeanour which you will find pleasantly calming yet dangerously alluring. Our encounter will push your boundaries, hike your adrenaline and take you to unknown territories... Only to leave you yearning for a revisit.

My dear... Shall we?

Not taking any new clients for Dec 2019

Enquire about the 2020 Waiting List: info@evelynhampton.com

 0436 437 354

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