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Lily Levine Geelong VIC

 0413 967 225
 0413 967 225
 0413 967 225

Lily Levine - Precision Crafted The Supreme Driving Experience


About me

Please Note New Service Released Today, Details further down

I'm searching for a driver who is qualified

So if you think that you're the one, step into my ride

I'm a fine-tuned supersonic speed machine

Got a sunroof top and a gangster lead

My engine's ready to explode…

So start me up and watch me go….

Get you where you wanna go, if you know what I mean

Got a ride that's smoother than a limousine

Can you handle the curves, can you run all the lights?

Cause it's 0 to 60 in 3.5

With so many fiesta's, cortina's and datsun 180B's around, sourcing luxury can be difficult. You have just found your solution. Better quality and innovative features. This car will give your primal urges a 4,000-pound sword. True story.


Built in 1971 this is a high-performance vehicle. Therefore, it runs well on premium unleaded. Best described as a muscle car with curves in all the right places. Determined proportions, clear contours, precise lines and pure surfaces. The character is an interesting blend of sporty and elegant. The shape and condition are nothing short of outstanding, far surpassing most rival vehicles that are decades younger. No scuffs, marks, scratches or dents, impeccable dynamics and a real head turner.

You can feel the engine power the minute you’re in this baby. Naturally aspirated V12 engine waiting to be tamed. Capable of speeds greater than 350 km/h, the super sports car’s performance delivers driving emotions never before experienced. When she roars, it’s loud! But she can purr like a kitten in your lap. Glove box and boot is spacious enough....but surprisingly snug to promise maximum exhilaration. Lift the bonnet, look under the hood, you shall smile with excitement, it looks delightfully good. The essence of a new car, its unfouled leather, fresh carpets and cool, crisp ventilation makes any man feel privileged and refined. You will never know she has been pre-loved.


A declaration of freedom, this car enables you to discover any terrain, from track to sand, ice, gravel or rocks. It is the absolute all-round super sports car and more. It allows you to explore new paths and new ways to express yourself—to accept challenges confidently and to live life to the fullest. Unlock any road, unlock your personality.


May be viewed in the gallery section…..take a look.


North Geelong


Thursday 10th: 3pm - 10pm

Friday 11th: 8pm - 11pm

Saturday 12th 3pm - 1am

Sunday 13th:11.15am - 4pm



First (REAL) name:



Service and duration sought:

Time/Day Sought:

If you do not do ALL of the above - NO response will be given to your text. Blocked numbers are ignored.

This car only performs at a high level to those discerning gentlemen who can string a sentence together, is Uber polite, has superb driving skills and can easily follow directives. Those that cannot she chews up and spits out without a care. This car does not suit the lover of the petite. She is impressively Amazonian in style.

You should be wanting an experience……not an “appointment” ….

Garage Tours, Hot Laps and Grid Walks are just some of the activities which will make your encounter unforgettable.

******If you would like to know some further more private details of sexual Lily please message "further information please". If you would like to know about the other options at no extra fee, please message "extra inclusions please"******



20 mins $120

30 mins $150

45 mins $200

60 mins $250

c/i/p, c/i/m/w/s, c/o/f,

Premium Unleaded

30 min $170 (on-going drive special)

60 min $400

25-minute partial test drive $160

c/i/p, c/i/m/w/s, c/o/f, c/i/a/

New Service – Squirting & Toy Masturbation Show

I am offering a new half hour service. This is a very raunchy masturbation show where you can view from as close as you like. I will be starting by using my pussy pump to engorge my labia and clit and get everything very responsive. Quite the sight! I will use a range of my toys, whatever I feel like on the day, but often involves my 9inch dildo (usually up my ass), vibrator with clit stimulator and then, my njoy. The njoy is the bomb that makes me squirt 95% of the time as it hits my g spot. It’s magic watching my pussy pulsate and throb from all the sensitivity going on.

Not only that but I am a multiple climaxer when I masturbate, so if you would enjoy seeing a woman squirt and climax many times then I have no doubt this will turn you on tremendously. Upon finishing you have your choice of how you would like to finish off. You can do it yourself if you haven’t already, or you are more than welcome to get down and dirty with me pornstar style. Photographs are allowed and inclusive in investment, if desired (note, conditions apply).

Being so up close and intimate I wish to impress I do not use props. No water guns, water packets, electrolytes, fake cum etc. I will ensure you see a show where all inhibitions are shed…. naturally.

$200 although don’t need to explain the cost I will. It is slightly more of an investment than a normal PSE half hour. This is because, quite frankly, it’s an exhausting (but exhilarating) service. I cannot see any other appointments for at least 4 hours after this! Therefore, I have a limit of 2 of these per shift/day. If you have any further questions, please just send through a text message.


Safety, comfort and discretion is a huge priority and thus ALL test drivers will be subject to screening and deposit required if new. It's an easy and discreet process. This is normal for EVERY professional business.


Close the hood, grab the keys

Figure out who you tryna please?

I just want you to drive me fast

Turn me 'round and bring it back

Push the pedal, spin the wheels

I know how to make you feel

So slam the door and pump my brakes

Text 0413 967 225 – Lily Lavine.

Very short video's (30 secs) available on extremely polite request to certain prospective clients and certainly my regulars.


Detailed pictorials explicitly detailing this model are available upon payment. 24 photos for $15


The ONLY way to pay for these is by using Osko or PayID which is a less than 1 minute transaction using BPAY and is very, very easy for those not familiar with it. All 4 of the big banks have this available. You just make payment using your phone! Easy as. Please don't contact me to ask "how" to do this. You simply follow the above, and use my phone number as your reference - 0413 967 225. It will show up as "Better Business Pty Ltd" and you simply send me a screenshot of payment and what it is you have requested.


This entirely depends on what time it is and what I am doing at the time. Often it will be within 5 minutes. Sometimes it may be a couple of hours. Please note if you send payment at 3am I will not be awake to send anything immediately! :) Know that I rely on GREAT reviews and these also include reviews on my virtual services so I pride myself on responding as quickly as is humanely possible to all inquiries and running a business on ethics and integrity. You will ALWAYS get your product.

***Other SW’s*** I get A LOT of comments and positive feedback on my ads. I am now doing copywriting for ads and websites. If you would like to completely overhaul your image, professionalism and have a unique, stand out ad for yourself, completely different to everyone else’s, please, get in contact to discuss. My imagination knows no end. All ads will be created around your very distinctive personality and services that you are selling. Website for copywriting is currently under construction. And THANK YOU to everyone who touches base and shares how much they enjoy my copy writing. I appreciate it a lot.

Twitter: atLavineLily FB: Lily Lavine E lavasciouslily1 insert at symbol yahoo dot com

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 0413 967 225

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