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Australian International Escort Sydney NSW

 0400 992 626
 0400 992 626
 0400 992 626

Luxury High End Escort in Australia


I am NOW touring in Sydney

Mon 12 April - Fri 16 April

Please arrange a booking to meet well in advance. I do not accept last minute requests to meet.

Deposit is required.

See all my other tours

When not on tour I am based in Sydney (NSW)

About me

Hello gentlemen,

My name is Stephanie Hunter

Writing these adverts are always challenging. Of course I am going to say, I am hot, sexy, beautiful lady, and you would be crazy not to spend time with me. I am also funny, I don't mind taking the mickey out of myself, yes, I will even poke fun at you playfully.

I don't take myself too seriously. I am warm affectionate, adventurous, spontaneous but also down to Earth, sensitive and have a killer smile to boot. ( Ok I have been told that many times before, so it must be true)

The truth is that often, our images and what we write can be intimidating for some of you, and I like to alleviate that as much as possible. Sure, I don't deny I have lead a somewhat glam life, I won't deny that at all!. I have travelled the world, from Zurich and Gstaad, to London and NYC many times over. Yes, I have met incredibly extraordinary interesting people, but I am also proud to say that it hasn't changed my core as a human being. I like to think of myself as incredibly down to earth. I work hard at staying real and grounded. You will be surprised how easy and relaxed I am to be around. I also work hard at relaxing you and setting you at ease the minute the door opens.

My killer smile is my secret weapon in relaxing you in the first five minutes if you are somewhat nervous.

So here is the deal in a nutshell. I live in Melbourne, but play predominantly in Sydney, and tour other cities around Australia. I used to travel Internationally more so then domestically, but now with the pandemic... I am staying in OZ.

If you live in Sydney or Melbourne ( where I have the most flexibility ) 24 hrs notice is needed to meet. Yes, I travel back and forth regularly.. a flight to Sydney is quicker then travelling in Melbourne peak hr from one side of town to the other. So, meeting me in Sydney any day of the week is fine, just not without 24 hours notice. 

I also tour many cities around the country. Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast... check my touring schedule. Please pre arrange in advance to meet on a tour. Last minute requests are never possible, I am sorry.

If your city is not there, fly me to you!! Or maybe we can get away somewhere together!

Anyway, my fingers are sore, I have to stop writing..

Now, don't waste a minute... check your bank balance, and then call me / email me/ instagram me / tweet me.... but get in touch with me! 

I promise you an adventure all the way!

By the way, for some reason there is no section here to add my fee structure. it is listed on my website ... link is found here on the contact section as " my website"

My Availability

TODAY 06:00 - till late
TOMORROW 12:00 - till late
FRI 16 APR 06:00 - till late
SAT 17 APR By appointment
SUN 18 APR By appointment
MON 19 APR By appointment
TUE 20 APR By appointment
 0400 992 626


My upcoming tours

Sydney NSW  
Mon 12 Apr - Fri 16 Apr
Perth WA  
Mon 3 May - Sat 8 May
Canberra ACT  
Sun 16 May - Wed 19 May
Gold Coast QLD  
Mon 31 May - Thu 3 Jun
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My photos

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