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Charlotte Poppy Adelaide SA

The ‘read my ad’ girl 🤭

 0455 467 949
I accept SMS messages
 0455 467 949
I accept SMS messages only
 0455 467 949
I accept SMS messages only

The ‘read my ad’ girl 🤭


Personal message

Last updated: Wed 6 December

Plenty of availability left this week, keen to fill it up 🥵

About me

*Please use the template below to contact me, so I know you've read my ad x*

@ladycharlotteau on snap and Twitter

Social media is a way for you to see I’m a real person and not a catfish, not for enquiries. Sms only to see me in person

My name is Charlotte, I'm a bubbly and saucy gal with an enchanting passion for the lovely in life. I’ve worked more jobs than Barbie, this one will always be my favourite. I more than love it, this is where I fit best in the world. I’ve found so much meaning and purpose in most of what I do, and even when it’s just a couple of sluts tearing each other’s clothes off it’s still very lovely.

My ever-changing hair is always vibrant, soft and perfect for running hands through (currently bisexual pride colours). My appearance is described as pixie-like, I have sparkly green eyes and a handful of freckles. I'm petite with small soft curves, and a lot of my porcelain skin is dressed in colourful tattoos. I haven’t had any cosmetic surgery, and will never get filler or tox so if you’re after a surgically sculpted woman go get her king, she’s not me though. 

My vibe in a booking can be anywhere between a lovers GFE or an unserious FWB. Affectionate, passionate and close or wicked and insatiable. I’m playful and silly, but can be pulled into lust very easily. My incall is super discreet, neat and very comfortable. I don’t feel any anxiety there, so no doubt after a few minutes you won’t either!

Time with me should turn the most annoying parts of your brain off, the unrushed and memorable moments replaying in it for weeks. I’m a low volume lass - this means I’m not spending all day and night with shitty men getting burnt out and I’m always tingly with anticipation for every booking, especially with regulars! I love being a medium range girlie, getting to meet people from all walks of life instead of only douchey rich men (not douchey rich men are fine though hehe). Almost all of my clients become favourites, I don’t have a type or preference but I’ll always be a fan of a smart man! Get a little cute in my inbox, I’m all yours.

I know a handful of workers discriminate against certain races, and whilst that must really suck to read it’s fantastic that they tell on themselves like that so you don’t have to find out the hard way by booking them. No race is any more “dangerous” than another, there is no reason you need to tell me your race or even consider it when booking me. In that same realm I realise a lot of workers accept substances as payment or “like to party”, I will never be one of them as I’m not a drug user, and crackheads don’t read ads.

Now for the unsexy stuff:
 Just like any other established, reputable escort I do not provide natural “services”. I do not consider it a service at all, it’s destructive and heinous.

Please do not contact me with:

  • refusal to screen via mentioned methods
  • the same ‘u available’ text you send 50 other workers wondering why no one replies
  • dick pics/nudes of any kind
  • a “hey” on snap, I don’t need fans
  • bartering or offering drugs for services
  • erotic essays
  • offers for driver/photographer/OF pimp
  • minors in the outcall location, or if you yourself are a minor
  • the resentment of an incel
  • COVID denying
  • the coke dick you’re wrestling with at 5am
  • Death threats, other threats I don’t want the good boys to read about, go have a cuppa instead
  • without reading my ad - its my whole thing - I'm the 'read my ad' girl x

As I am selective with my clientele and diligent with screening you are completely safe with me, I am 100% independent so when you send a text, you’re talking to me! Keep this in mind, when contacting an escort you want to consider what the rest of our inbox looks like and behave accordingly rather than being just another dickhead in a sea of dickheads (not to complain still love my job hehe). First impressions count and you want to be able to book whoever you want and have a delicious time, rather than getting blocked by everyone you actually want and ending up with only catfishes and crackheads to choose from (with peace and love)

This should be fun and sexy and easy! Nobody likes being told what to do, but you’ll see just how easy I’ve made this process for you with my sexy lil template (especially if you're a first-timer or not often successful when trying to book escorts):

Preferred bookings template:

"Hi Charlotte! My name is ___, I found you on RealBabes and was wondering if you were available (insert date(s) & times *NOT “NOW”*) for an (incall/outcall, if outcall please include location). I’m after X hours OR X/X hours, I’m happy to be screened via (deposit & photo OR Photo ID)”

If I’m set as “available tonight” I’m usually at the incall and may only need a couple hours to get ready, otherwise I usually need at least 3 to 4 hours notice. I’ll usually have a note about my availability in the top box. 

I’m totally upfront about screening so you not only have a choice in which information you’re comfortable sending, you also have a choice to see someone else if my safety protocol makes you uncomfortable. 

I take deposits via Beem, the rest in cash. 

To cancel or reschedule your appointment I require 24 hours notice, I can reschedule with your existing deposit (if applicable), if less than 24 hours notice or without rescheduling a cancellation fee of 25% will apply. My no-show fee is the full booking fee or a block, providers are always going to be appreciative when you let us know.

Excited to meet you,

C x


My Stats

Age group:25 - 29
Hair color:Blonde
Hair length:Long
Body type:Slim
Bust size:Medium
Length:Petite (less then 164cm)
girl next door bisexual natural boobs some tattoos tongue piecing well groomed no anal fair skin quickies covid vaccinated lingerie thigh high boots love conversations shower facilities wicked & wild sensual experience french kissing rough sex ok spanking 

My rates

30 minutes$350.
1 Hour$450$550
2 Hours$800$900
3 Hours$1,150$1,250
4 Hours$1,500$1,600
Additional 30 Mins$250$250
Always happy to extend your booking x

Blank & Chill

I offer two booking types: Hourly as normal, or my 'Blank & Chill' package.

___ & Chill? a more relaxed alternative to the classic Dinner Date. You fill in the blank - UberEats on the couch & chill, Movies/Youtube & chill, Gaming & chill, Showing each other memes on our phones & chill etc. If you enjoy a night in over a night out, this one's for you. Does need to include an activity, intimacy is reserved for 'chill' time.

Blank & Chill 1/1$650$750
1 Hour Social 1 Hour Chill
Blank & Chill 1.5/1.5$950$1,000
1 1/2 Hours Social 1 1/2 Hours Chill
Blank & Chill 2/1$850$950
2 Hours Social 1 Hour Chill
Blank & Chill 2/2$1,100$1,200
2 Hours Social 2 Hours Chill

My Availability

TODAY 14:00 - 02:00
TOMORROW 14:00 - 02:00
FRI 08 DEC 14:00 - 02:00
SAT 09 DEC 14:00 - 02:00
SUN 10 DEC 14:00 - 02:00
MON 11 DEC 14:00 - 02:00
TUE 12 DEC 14:00 - 02:00
 0455 467 949

Contact me for

  •  Incalls or Outcalls
  •  GFE bookings
  •  Social, Netflix, Lunch & Dinner dates
  •  Bookings for disabled people
  •  Bookings with other SW
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