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Zara Rose Sunshine Coast QLD

 0497 309 070
 0497 309 070
 0497 309 070

Primal Passion or Mistress You Choose


My personal Corona message

Last updated: Thu 26 March

Currently not seeing clients in person for health and safety reasons. Due to the lockdown orders for QLD, my clients are asked to make deposits for future dates (as a sign of good faith) or Digital Dates (from 6th April) 

We will get through this


Zara Rose

About me

Australian Born but with Dark Greek Goddess Features, Creamy light tan skin, almond-shaped green eyes.


Her greatest of pleasure is turning your time with her into more than just a booking but a connection between two people who enjoy the same things and each others company whether it’s a passionate dinner date or an hour of mistress’ playtime. Zara prides herself on going above and beyond to please her clients.

You are guaranteed a professional, high-quality encounter from start to finish, educated with a “down to earth” nature, enjoys conversations & debates on a range of topics and loves to dive deep into what fantasies you may have not yet explored

Zara provides an extraordinarily open and unrushed service, please don’t be shy about inquiring for speciality services.

Mistress Zara specialises in the first time explorers & specific fetish requests. Some people may find it hard to find a Mistress that is comfortable with their client’s requests, leading to people feeling embarrassed and unsure about if they wish to move forward with their booking. Zara is exceptionally open-minded and enjoys new experiences. She adds each adventure she enjoys to her long list of fetishes she caters for in the future. In the full world of Fetish & Fantasy, there are so many options to choose from, a FULL list of specifics are available to you her website


34″ Waist

Bust 12 DD / 36DD

49″ Hips / Booty

Height 165 cms or 5ft 4″

Shoe Size 10 / EU 41

Dress Size 12



Loves to cook & enjoys trying new flavours. Enjoys a slow-paced dining experience

Creative Arts and Design

Slow Sipping a Glass of Wine & Conversation

Movies & TV Binge Watcher

Love a Great Tequila or Spiced Rum

If you have a special event or business trip coming up and wish to have a companion on your arm, Zara will be happily work on a customised package for your needs. Zara will make sure that you will not only enjoy the food and company but her body as well. What better way to feed your desires of food and pleasure all in one, than with a delicious overnight with all the best parts of a new lover? If you’re a lonely heart and haven’t yet sampled the art of lovemaking together, we can make sure your first experience is a positive one free from judgement. Sex Education and Instructional sessions are also available in all locations.

If you’re looking to step up your bedroom game & need some help levelling up Zara’s the one to help & with no extra charge to your package fee


Deposits: Some bookings will require a $100 deposit to lock in your specific time and date, these usually are when more extended travel is required, the booking length is longer than an hour, you have requested an Outcall or an Incall on the sunshine coast as a new client.

Generally, Zara will require bookings to have a higher deposit of 50% to be paid in circumstances where a pattern of last-minute cancellations or non-attendance emerges. In this case, and at the her discretion, further appointments will only be accepted with prepayment of a % of the total fee.

Zara does understand there may be circumstances when short notice cancellations may be unavoidable. In these cases, it’s encouraged you contact Zara as soon as possible to advise her of your situation. Zara does not regard work requests, changed social or parenting arrangements, for example, as sufficient to fail in notifying her of your need to reschedule.

An additional amount will be payable on the day to complete payment of the total fee for the booking. If not attended, your prepayment will be converted to a Non-Attendance Fee or held until your schedule clears and can rebook your appointment.

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of a booking.

At least a 24 hours notice allows Zara sufficient time to fill a booking that is being cancelled or rescheduled. She offers any cancelled appointments to other waiting clients. Less than 24 hours notice makes it very difficult for Zara to provide the booking to clients who may need time to plan their schedule and to offer appointments with such short notice creates significant stress. The inadequate warnings make it difficult for any business to plan their use of the time adequately. Zara has a limited amount of time per day set aside for client bookings, and a non-attended appointment is never recoverable.




Manners and Respect are always given and expected to be received. Your time will be cut short, and there are no refunds once you have been warned once and proceed to push the limits of good behaviour.

Using a condom is non-negotiable. Any Attempts to take the condom off or damage it will end at the very least the session will terminated without a refund; it is a chargeable offence under Queensland law to attempt to remove protection without consent.

All clients are expected to have a shower after their health check. Please wash properly, yours and Zara’s enjoyment depends on it.

Zara will never approach you if she sees you in public, So please never approach her either as she may be with friends /family/client or business partner and this is unacceptable behaviour.


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Bank Level Encryption

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Bank To EWallet 0-1% Fee

Credit To EWallet 2.9% Fee

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 I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Zara one morning recently. From the first door opening to the kiss goodbye, I was lost in her gorgeous eyes. This beautiful woman will take you to levels of intimacy rarely experienced. I won't go into details as what happens behind doors remains behind doors but needless to say, I will definitely be visiting Zara again and next time for the full package. Treat her with respect and you will be rewarded 10 fold. Thank you sweet and very delicious Zara


I have had three assignations with Zara two outcalls and one incall; obviously I have enjoyed her company. A warm engaging personality, kinky sexuality, smarts, bright conversation covering a wide range of subjects - she’s got it all. Physically she inspires me to repeat the old adage, “so long as I have a face she has a place to sit”.

Zara is a wonderful companion who, I am sure, you could take anywhere without embarrassment. She is both active and reactive in the bedroom - sensing how you are to respond to things and when she is dominating she isn’t afraid to push those limits a bit - while not disregarding them. Zara is also creative, on the last occasion I saw her, she produced a toy she had designed and manufactured based on something I had said on a previous occasion. She’s very receptive to ideas on how sessions may play out - I’m not one to try and tightly script a session - I prefer to give some ideas and let Zara take them where she will. If you do so I am sure you will love where her creativity and imagination take you either as a slave to her mistress or partner in passion Zara has been both for me. I look forward to seeing her again.


I've been seeing Zara in Toowoomba since 2017 and from the first time I met her, I knew she was very good at what she did. I sometimes can have a hard time been myself around new people but with Zara, it wasn't an issue. Her caring and kind personality shine through and a warm smile puts any jitters to rest.  She has always provided a safe and non-judgmental space where I feel free to explore any ideas or fantasies that I might want to try. Zara is very easy to get along with and I really can't say enough nice things about her. See her for yourself and you'll know what I mean. 

 0497 309 070

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