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Lucie Bee Brisbane QLD

 0401 389 914
 0401 389 914
 0401 389 914

Warm, genuine, & wickedly sweet.


About me

Mad, but she's magic

'...she's mad, but she's magic - there's no lie in her fire.'

- Charles Bukowski -

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I've spent many delicious years tasting all the pleasures and experiences the industry has to offer me and I show no signs of stopping. I live and love to play and explore and with my 'dirty thirties' approaching - I can't what to see what happens next.

I'm delightfully honest and deliciously blunt - for this I make no apologies.

I want, more than anything, to please you - but I entered the industry in part to satiate my own libido & I love to be pleased. The wicked chemistry we can create, will make our time together all the sweeter. My goal is to play nice - whilst respecting our mutual boundaries & desires. I'm not a performance artist. I won't put on a show for you - unless you ask me to. What you get from me in behind closed doors is exactly the same as the uninhibited individual I am in my personal life.

Take your time getting to know me - I won't rush you - and I promise you'll be well rewarded for your efforts. If you're hoping for new experiences - you're safe with me.  If you need a companion on your adventures, or a confidant for a few hours - I can help with that. 

I'm an open book online, with a public profile that's allowed me to act as an advocate for the subjects I'm passionate about. I have a wicked sense of humor and I'll have you matched in conversation. Discretion is absolutely at the core of what I do. We'll spend time in places both intimate and private. I'll shine on your arm - but I'm also adaptable and will ease comfortably in to any social situation like we're old friends. You'll find I live to entertain and love to make you laugh.

My promise is when you meet me you'll find:

- the warmth and sensitivity of a true lover

- the security and comfort of a best friend

- the thrill and wanderlust of a heroine and

- the temptation & tension of that moment before lips meet.

I know this, because that's who I am.

Come see for yourself...

- - - - - - - - - - -

'She's the kind of woman that will drive you crazy by doing absolutely nothing except being herself...'

30 Minutes$300
45 Minutes$400$400
1 Hour$500$500
90 Minutes$700$700
2 Hours$900$900

Longer bookings, social appointments, travel & overnights all available on request.

 0401 389 914

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