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Ava Bell Sydney NSW

 0431 524 505
 0431 524 505
 0431 524 505

Petite little pocket rocket!


About me

Ava is a curvy little gem

Standing at 5'2" without heels on, Ava Bell is quite petite, but you know what they say about good things coming in small packages! She is a curvy little gem that you will fall head over heels for, every second you are in her presence. Don't let her stunning good looks fool you though - Ava isn't just a pretty face, but is exceedingly intelligent and down to earth.

With an education in the liberal arts and sciences, there is no shortage of stimulating topics you can discuss together. Ava also has a love for the more humorous side of life. Having spent a great deal of her teenage years working in the hospitality industry and on the dry side of the bar, she is skilled in making light and reminding those around her to relax and see the funny side of life. 

Ava has always felt the finest things in love are best enjoyed with others and it's always better to indulge than to wonder "what if?" She would love nothing more than to indulge in you and show you just how great life can be if you give yourself over every now and then. 

Ava prides herself on her open-minded and non-judgemental attitude towards other people. She craves those truly intimate moments between people where you can really open up to one another - break down the walls and enjoy the absolute pleasure of intimate, raw and real experiences, in each others arms. 

X Awards 2019 award for Best Fetish and Fantasy Provider

​Ava has spent over three years working as a professional dominatrix, one year as a professional submissive as well, and many more years practicing kink in her personal life as both. She won the X Awards 2019 award for Best Fetish and Fantasy Provider. She is no stranger to the odd kinks and fetishes you're too scared to reveal to others... Ava would love nothing more than to hear about all your fetishes and fantasies and help bring them to life.

​So what are you waiting for? 


 0431 524 505

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