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Zoe M Canberra ACT

Kinky encounters to remember

 0488 045 234
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 0488 045 234
I accept SMS messages only
 0488 045 234
I accept SMS messages only

Kinky encounters to remember


About me

I have the skills and imagination to explore and create the kinky encounters you have been dreaming of. Together we can explore, create and discover unique erotic experiences.

I welcome sessions with people at all levels of experience; I am truly delighted to introduce the new and nervous or design elaborate scenes and scenarios with the seasoned kinkster. My appetite for play is most ignited when play is connected, creative, intimate and dynamic.

Creating immersive experiences that involve extensive planning and preparation is a particular joy of mine. 

I have my own personal dungeon space, Studio 7, which is located in Canberra in an extremely discreet location, hidden away in one of Canberra’s industrial area’s. The studio is well equipped with plenty of fun (and serious!) fetish toys to play with, the furniture designed for purpose; cross, bondage bench, leather sling and spanking benches. Most scenes, scenarios and fetishes can be catered for.

I enjoy most classic fetish activities and scenarios - including but not limited to, sensual domination or tied and tease (perfect for the newbie wanting to explore), edging, prostate massage, pegging, CBT, D/S, medical, discipline, spanking, torture, mummification, humiliation, objectification, worship, golden shower, cross-dressing, sissification, age-play, trampling, sploshing, chastity and cuckold. 

Are you looking for a Mistress? I love being a Mistress. I adore stepping into this role and feeling the power flow through me as I look upon the submissive before me. For me, this kind of play is not just a list of activities, it is an intimate connection that requires a level of vulnerability, a preparedness to be open, connected. I want you to be a worthy plaything. My desire is for you to be fully present to me, offer me your pleasure, your pain, your servitude…. all for my pleasure.

I am a versatile Dominant willing to meet you in the scenario that excites the submissive within you; strict, serious, kind and caring, fun, cruel, bored. I will happily remain in the soft and sensual realm, taking my time, exploring your body and mind. I love discovering the sensations that make you moan and I will enjoy the ride as waves of pleasure consume you. I get off on you showing me your pleasure as I take over your body bit by bit. 

Having lived in the UK for a decade, learning from the best spanking Mistresses in the world, if it is a strict Mistress you require, then please Present. Come to my office Now! 

If you enjoy a lighter more playful Mistress the you will find I can be a lot of fun, energetic and very cheeky. I delight in play, and it is a joy to show you my joy.

For the rare individual who truly enjoys sadistic play, you will find few dominants as unflinching as I. If you enjoy playing on the edge, visit my dungeon and step into an atmosphere charged with possibility and fear. Submit willingly or be tortured into submission, I want to discover your physical and/or emotional limits. You are stronger than you know……….              I am stronger still.

My 20 years of experience allows me both the confidence and skill to take you to the edge, my love of the perverse, of power and control, my fascination with your pleasure and your pain will allow you to willingly and joyfully fall off the edge. 

A note for those just beginning their kinky journey.
I am a fetish worker. I love to explore the weird, the wild, the deviant. If you want to experience your sexuality in a different way, if you want to step outside of your normal contact me and begin the journey. 

I know it can be hard to know where to start, what to ask for or even understand what fetish is or isn’t! If you have an idea of what you want to do, but are unsure if it is ‘kinky enough’ or would be considered fetish play, please contact me. Don’t be shy, sometimes the simplest of desires can be the ingredient that creates the most exciting and erotically charged play. If you think it is weird, I am sure I will think it is wonderful. 

You do not have to be ‘a submissive’ or ‘a slave’ to enjoy kink and fetish play. Fetish is not all about pain-play or power-play. Dominant/Submissive (D/S), Master/Slave are popular dynamics that many people enjoy exploring. But understand this is just one aspect of fetish play, there are so many other experiences, activities, roles power-dynamics and contexts that exist. Including, no power dynamic at all!! If you do not want a D/S dynamic, that is ok. You can simply play! Try new things, discover why so many people love to be spanked, or what sounding is, or take the time to be edged beyond all the limits you thought you had. You can do all these things with, or without the role-play and/or the dynamic of Mistress/Submissive. Your fetish experience is your own. Be open and curious about what you want to explore, and try not to limit yourself, go slowly and see what unfolds step-by-step. You may surprise yourself! 

If you know you want to experience ‘something different’, but really dont have any idea what you think you might be interested in, then start with a 90 min sensual domination session, also called tied and teased. During this time you will have the opportunity to begin exploring the foundational aspects of good play; clear communication, explicit consent and boundaries, connection and intimacy, light domination, a variety of sensations to bring your body and mind alive and an introduction to activities that may inspire future play. Exploring ‘something different’ is sometimes, doing just that.

Come and experience, learn, play; be seduced. I will guide you through the experience so you can relax and hopefully discover a new passionate, sexual, sensual version of yourself. 


My Stats

Age group:35 - 39
Hair color:Blonde
Hair length:Long
Body type:Average
Bust size:Busty
Length:Average (164cm - 176cm)
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My rates

1 hour$500$500
90 min$700$700
2 hours$800$800
3 hours$1,200$1,200
6 hours$2,200$2,200
3 hour social rate$500$500
90min prostate massage$550$600

My Availability

TODAY By appointment
TUE 16 JUL All day
WED 17 JUL All day
THU 18 JUL By appointment
FRI 19 JUL By appointment
SAT 20 JUL By appointment
 0488 045 234

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