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Trans Danika D Canberra ACT

 0423 648 703
 0423 648 703
 0423 648 703

Country born and raised, corrupted by the internet and established in the city.


About me

Easy going, confident trans beauty

I'm a down to earth, easy going, confident trans beauty that has spent most of my adult life indulging myself and others in a wide and varying array of carnal pleasures. My origins lay in kink, fetish and Domination although due to the way in which life tends to bring about change I have found myself living and loving the realm of vanilla sensual erotic experience more and more. This certainly doesn't mean that my interest in the exciting world of BDSM has diminished, only that my horizons have expanded.

The connection of two (or more) people in an embrace can be an amazing experience of trust, giving, taking...sharing of pleasures. Being a transgendered woman, I have rather unique attributes that can make for a new and exciting dynamic for those that wish to have an Intoxicatingly exotic experience.

Blessed with smooth soft feminine skin, an athletic figure with curves in all the right places including a big juicy booty, I also have a unique asset to top off this delightful combination of course which is my (by all reports) beautiful, functional ladydick.


Ladydick? I hear you ask. Well although my genitalia was always a pleasing balance of proportion and size, the effect of hormone therapy and hair removal is that the whole area is as soft and supple as a babies bottom. A gorgeous transcendence of masculine and feminine beauty personified: Ladydick

Being functional means that I can top or in other words be the active partner in an embrace and although this is true it is not the only avenue one could take. I have a very strong submissive side hidden away that relishes the opportunity of release, pouring all my sexual energy into the act of pleasing a partner whether it is licking, sucking, taking one’s whole appendage down into the depths of my throat, offering my juicy ass up into the air for Sir to do with as he wishes, be that giving it a deep fucking or indeed a soft or hard spanking.... I'm yours to do with as you please.

You will get my undivided attention

You will find me to be very personable, easy going and quite capable of making you more than comfortable and at ease. When you book time with me I give you my undivided attention so that we have the opportunity to delve deep into your world of fantasy and create our very own exclusive reality. My goal is to make sure you leave with a silly grin on your face daydreaming about our next engagement

When making a booking or inquiry, please be clear and concise so I can respond as accurately and effectively as possible.

My Availability

TODAY 09:00 - 09:00
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THU 04 MAR 09:00 - 09:00
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 0423 648 703

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