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Realbabes short URL's are enabled

Realbabes short URL's, easy to remember and great for online sharing

Great news, Realbabes enabled short urls!!

Get your own personal short link, like:


Short ! Because they are so short, they work great on Twitter. They are simple to remember for your clients, making it quick and easy to come back to your online profile.

What are Realbabes short URL's?

The internet address of your profile page (named an URL) contains your state, location and name. We do this so search engines know who you are are and where your are located. These url's are quiet long and if you are listed in multiple locations or are touring, they they will change. Thats why we created your personal unique short url. These personal short urls do not change when you are on tour or offer your services in different areas. They are short and easy to share. Also easier to remember for your clients and they work great on Twitter and other social media!!

We highly recommmend that you use your short url in your communication and social media.

How do i get my unique short URL?

Login to Realbabes and on your profile page click the 'short URL' button, from there you can choose the name you like to use. The shorter the name you choose, the better it will work for you.

Hurry first come, first served

Hurry because names are unique, we can only give them out one time!! Short names are available on a first come, first served basis.


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