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Practice, practice

The mere though of it and you start to sweat, you're shallow breathing to the point of hyperventilation, you want to do it, but don't want to make a fool of yourself. Its been a while but hell you could sure use it.

Bloody hell calm down its not life or death, "IT'S SEX", just sex and if you've been flying solo for a while, a young bloke who could never seem to work out what the ladies wanted (That's a big club) and the longer it didn't happen the worst it became, then one simple solution is to visit an Escort.

Visit a sex professional, these ladies have seen & heard it all before, talk to them explain the what where's and whys of the situation, go slow let them show you the way, enjoy yourself, yes your allowed to enjoy it.

There is nothing like a boost to the confidence than a attentive, seductive Escort. Think of them as a sexy doctor, a sexy doctor who will cure what allies you, and if you don't cured the first time then there's nothing stopping you from going again & again.

They say practice makes perfect and when was the last time you couldn't wait to get to practice.


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