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My favourite definition of manners is "a person's outward bearing or way of behaving towards others", sounds great except when take into account that there are Bad Manners (arrogance, pompousness) & Good Manners (respect, politeness).

So the question is what sort of manners are you using? Your manners & demeanour will set the tone for your time when visiting an escort. Demeanour, attitude, appearance & look all have a bearing in life & love. So when you have organised a visit to one of the Realbabes escorts keep in mind that your manner may be the difference between a great time or a fantastic time.

Being prompt, polite, clean & respectful are not optional there basic requirements, drug use, excessive drinking are just bad manners & may get you shown the door.

So remember to relax, enjoy yourself & bring your manners, the good ones.....


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