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Litte blue pill

Performance enhancement and sex go hand in hand and have done for thousands of years, from the oldest dildo estimated to be 28,000 years old (Approximately around the time when sports was invented) to the little blue pill that we consume like smarties to steel our resolve and harden our appendages for the battle ahead.

BUT and it is a big but are we treating sex like a sport when we would be better served slowing it down enjoying it for what it should be not for the cock show we think the girls want to see, finishing in under 10 seconds doesn't get a medal in the bedroom. The OFF SCRIPT use of such products by the young bulls is on the incline and even the mature bull who isn't in need of the help seeks its mystical effects. While there are many side effects that are well documented, the most concerning undocumented antidotal one I have come across told to me over a few beers by more than one concerned friend is that of premature ejaculation caused by use of the blue horn powder.

SAY WHAT!! WHOA WHOA that's never happened to me I hear you say, but I calling bull shit on you, if your using this off script just because it makes you rock hard, then don't forget that rock hard is also super sensitive and more than likely ending your afternoon delight abruptly. Society as a whole loves to pop them pills and this is just another example of trying to enhance our performance when in fact we didn't have a medical condition that required it in the first place.

So the next time you have loving on your mind maybe don't reach for the little blue pill and instead reach into the bag of tricks, dust off some old moves and for Christ sake slow down and enjoy it because its meant to be enjoyed (By both parties).


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