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It's time to tease

After a frenzy of activity putting the final touches and testing new coding, its finally time for the Early Babes to add there profiles to the Teaser site. Hallelujah I hear you say you took long enough. LOL we know, we know but now its live and we are still adding features to make life easier. The team would like to thank everyone who has already uploaded there details and hope to see more Escorts take the plunge and become an Early Babe very soon.

What's all this teasing about

Teasing was and still is a good way to get someone's attention, it can be negative or in this case it can be positive. Teasers are found in many industries, equine, movies, fishing and all have the same goal to stimulate the intended target into action. So this is what we are doing with our FREE teaser site, helping you tease clients into action.


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