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How to boost your profile by increasing your Babe Rank

What is Babe Rank

Your profile Babe Rank is a score between 1 and 100, and it represents how "real" (or in other words how active) you are on Realbabes, you could see it as a kind of 'real-o-meter'. The higher your Babe Rank, the higher your profile will show up in our listings and more often featured on our homepage. Get a higher Babe Rank to get your profile to the top!

How do I find out what my Babe Rank is

Log in to your profile and on your profile click the 'My Babe Rank' button. You will see an image similar to this one:

How can I make my Babe Rank go up?

Thats easy! Just be active on Realbabes, and your rank will increase!

Examples how to increase your Babe Rank

Babe Rank is a special formula created by us, you can compare it with how Google ranks websites in her search results. By being more active, more real, more engaged your rank will go up instantly!.

Some examples of what you can do are:

  • Upload more photos regularly. The ranking formula loves fresh new pictures.
  • Also more photos is good, dont stop with just 5 or 6 , 10 to 20 is much better!
  • Update your profile text from time to time. You also get rewards for having an extensive profile, in which you tell plenty about yourself. Short two liners won't make you rank go up.
  • Have links on your profile to your website and social media.
  • Set your short url. (We really recommend you use your Realbabes short url in your communication with clients).
  • Upload a photo to your profile of you holding a note "I AM A REALBABE", welll we do admit that is a MEGA BOOST.
  • Mention or tag us in your tweets on Twitter and having a link to us on your personal website will give you a power boost in rank.
  • Have your profile on 'visible'. Having your profile set to invisble can make you rank go down.
  • Make your profile pretty so it is easy to read, with no spell mistakes.
  • Going on tour? Using our touring features will help your rank as well.
  • Do a VIP interview with us, get your own VIP page on Realbabes, another way to increase your rank.
  • Newbies, who just signed up, don't worry you get bonus points for having a new profile. So you won't end on the bottom, but these bonus points slowly dissapear after a while. So keep active to not let your rank go down.
  • Logging in to our website regularly helps as well. Not logging in for months, mmmmm the formula doesn't like that!!


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