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Unlimited photos, Yes UNLIMITED photos

Other sites limit the amount of photos you can upload, unless you pay extra $$$ a week/month. We think that is ridiculous and you should be able to have unlimited photos. You can have 100+ photos on your Realbabes profile!! The more photos the better. Active Real Babes can boost their profiles ranking by regularly uploading more photos & updating their profile content.

An awesome photo editor tool

Blurring, cropping, rotating, filters, stickers combined with an easy to use photo editor will make it simple for you to control what you want to show and want you don't, as well as what your allowed to in your state. But don't forget to keep it real because that's what we're all about at Real Babes.

Upload selfies and photos direct from your phone

Realbabes makes this super easy to send selfies and photos from your mobile directly to your profile. Edit the photos with the online photo editor and in no time your profile will have an up to date gallery of photos. Create your own following by uploading a selfie everyday. It will even boost your ranking.

No weekly or monthly subscriptions

We do not charge weekly or monthly subscriptions, we only charge you for the days your profile is active online. If you advertise 10 days in a month, then we charge you just for those 10 days. You don't pay Realbabes for days that your profile is not online. We think that sounds fair, but it makes us unique as most sites charge you regardless if your profile is active or not, just another reason why Realbabes should be your go to for advertising.

Flat fee, just one credit per day, lowest price of all

We dont believe in basic, pro and premium packages. Every babe will get the same features. Just one credit for every day you advertise. Not advertising, taking a break or hide your profile? No charge, no worries! And you will still be able to upload new pictures and update your profile content without having to pay for doing so. The days your profile is offline you don't pay, you only pay when your profile is online. One credit for every day your profile is online, simple and fair for all.

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All the features you want standard included

For our flat fee of one credit a day we will offer you all the features you will need to have the best escorts & working girl advertising profile:

  • Unlimited photos
  • Online photo editor tool
  • Have your profile online or offline (hidden)
  • Multiple locations, pricing & availability
  • Touring dates
  • 'Available now', 'Available this week', 'Available this weekend' options
  • Profile wall posts (blogging)
  • Links to your personal website & Social media

Boost your profile

Boost the ranking of your own profile by being active. We developed a special formula that will boost your profile the more active you are. The more photo updates, the more blog posts you write, the higher your profile will rank. Be active on Realbabes and you will rank higher reaching more punters.

No sign up costs

Signing up for Realbabes is free! When you signup you even get 21 days of credits free. You do not need a credit card to signup for Realbabes Signup and get 21 credits for 21 days advertising FOR FREE !!! You not dreaming, you read that right, have a free profile for up to 21 days!

Easy payments from as low as 10 AUD

After your free period, you need credits to keep advertising your profile. For every day you advertise your profile online we will charge you one credit. You can easily buy credits by credit card, Bpay or Direct Bank Transfer. For now we cannot tell you yet how much one credit will cost, but we promise you that the cost of a credit will be so low, that when you read it you won't believe it!!!! What we can tell you for now is that the minimum spend will be as low as $10 AUD.

Your credits do not expire

Every day that you have your profile online, we will charge you 1 credit. Your credit balance does not expire at the end of the week or the end of the month. Your credits last for 18 months!!! Want to take a break temporarily? Not a problem, come back after a while, your credits will be still there. Just activate your profile again and you are good to go.

We are easy to contact

We are not hiding behind annoying online forms. Just gives us a ring, text or send us an email directly, but no private or hidden numbers we like to know who were talking to. Please visit the contact page on how to contact the team of Realbabes.

Bring on your working friends and get more for free

Recommend us to a friend and have them use your unique code to signup and receive an extra 30 free profile days for every friend that joins us, thats a great deal and our way of saying thanks for spreading the word about Realbabes.

Punters get what they pay for

Real Babes has been created with the aim of having a site where the punter gets what they pay for. We aim to weed out the fake and misleading profiles by only allowing verified real babes to advertise which all have to pass a rigorous vetting & verification process by our team before being approved.

Every photo and uploaded selfie will be verified by one of our team members. No fake or look a like pictures on Realbabes. Remember on Realbabes.com.au there are only real babes!

We know it won't always be smooth sailing, there will be some who will try to corrupt the system & that's where you come in? Feedback is very important to us and the girls, so don't forget to let us know when it's Hot & when its not by using our Hot Chilli rating system & maybe a few words of praise or dismay in the comment section because everybody loves to be loved sometime.

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